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Reasons why most newbie fail to continue and
quit real estate career after 3 months

REASONS are Here:

Reason #1  

No Guidance

Guidance is very important for beginner as it helps the new agent to close the deal faster. Guidance from experienced real estate coaches even more important.

Reason #2

Wrong Concepts


New agents tend to have wrong concept which will lead failing in concluding the deal. They using wrong skills and have wrong expectation in some situations.

Reason #3  

Spend Too Much


New agent thought that spending more will have more response on the listing. However it is totally wrong when spend more at wrong platform.

Reason #4

Inconsistency Income

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The above three reason lead to a non-stable income where the new agent will slowly quit.

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Vincent Tan and the team having more than 15 years experience in real estate! We develop the RealFAST system to help those who are new to real estate or lost in the real estate business.
Vincent Tan

Coach Profile

Vincent Tan 陈康伟
Managing Director

Degree:B. Eng (Hons) Communication & Electronic Engineering(UK)
Diploma in Chemical Engineering
Diploma in Estate Management

Vincent Tan is a property trainer, coach and entrepreneur. He is having more than 16 years in real estate industry. He was a Nanyang Siang Pao columnist for two years writing articles about property related matters. Vincent Tan also been invited to AiFM property related program. He has trained more than 1000 new property agents and conducting 100 training and classes each year.

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Deniz Lee

I work in pets shop before I join GLP. GLP use the effective way to help me closing the deal! GLP provides real clients to me in order to help me close deal!

DC Leong

Previously I work in banking line and never thinking to join real estate. However after meeting Vincent, I join GLP and manage to have consistence income for more than 12 months until now!

Mohammed Suhaimi

I work in government sector for more than 25 years until I retired. I never do any sales job before and hardly communicate or socialize with strangers. In GLP, I start closing deals after deals by following the RealIFAST system

Kenny Yong

I am car salesman for more than 10 years, I sell more than 500 cars. After joining GLP, I only realize that I should sell property that only can give me high income!

Jason Hee

I was a student and only age 20 before I join GLP. I have zero experience and I need a company with proven system can help me in my real estate career. GLP teach me from A to Z until I manage to close my deal.

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